How to be more visible on Instagram?

With more than 700 million active monthly users, Instagram offers plenty of potential followers for businesses of all sizes. And those followers are worth pursuing, because they are your real and potential clients. If you’re not actively working to get more Instagram followers, you’re missing out on a passionate fan base that wants to connect and

Bring New Light to your regular Stories

There is a significant change that Instagram introduced on the news feed, which possibly you already noticed. Instagram rolled out a major new feature on Tuesday, Dec. 5, and it’s definitely altering the way your profile looks. But that’s not all, it’s also changing the whole meaning and use of Instagram Stories. The brilliant change

What is a Facebook page, actually?

Most of us already know that TV, radio and newspapers are no longer the best advertising option, and many on the other hand realized that the social networks are. Every so often you can hear something about social media, about favorable advertising, quick and easy targeting, and of course the personalized relationship with it. Many talks about how to handle