How to be a Queen of Instagram in 7 easy steps you’ve never heard of before

(by Ana & Jelena)

As already written HERE, if you want to somehow become the Lord of Instagram (and by that – an overall Lord of the Universe probably), that’s a somewhat crooked goal to have and you should immediately know that this is definitely not the story for you. On the other hand, if you’re interested in somewhat improving your feed, or you want to lay your hands on the perks not many people know, then be welcome to hustle dear, enjoy this post, because today we’re going to share with you something that you’ve probably never heard before! 😉

1. A custom made location

Unknown statistics have not only shown that Instagram posts with a location have 50 percent higher engagement but how really cool it is to have one of your own 🙂 For branding, this is excellent, of course. In this way your employees and fans have the opportunity to use your location, so more and more people will easily recognize the brand.

In the good old days it was quite easy to create your own location, but after certain updates now it’s no longer possible to do so on Instagram. Mr. Zuckerberg bought Instagram, you see, and the process is still a piece of cake but you just have to do it on your Facebook application.

Here we go with mini tutorial 😉

  • Click on a Facebook app on your cell phone, go to Check In, and check if you’ve allowed Facebook to see your location (Settings > Privacy > Location Services)
  • Insert the name of the location you’re searching for, and then click “add” button
  • Add any preferences to your location and then add a category. Facebook will not approve just any category and can throw in an error message, therefore try to put your work into a more general framework possible. Also, Facebook will not let you add a location if you are not in a very location.
  • Facebook will then take you back to Status, so you’ll be able to make it work on the new location. If you want your location to work on Instagram, you must post at least one thing on Facebook with the new made location (don’t worry, if you don’t want anyone to see that post, you can make it go private by clicking “Only me” option).

If it doesn’t automatically pop-up it means you’ve not used it enough or you’re not close to a location. Sometimes it takes up to 24 hours for your location to be visible on Instagram, just be patient. Another good news – location also can be added to Instagram Stories. 😉

instagram trikovi

2. How to pin your Instagram post on Pinterest?

For all Pinterest, lovers out there, you’ll be happy to know that you can pin your Instagram posts on Pinterest directly! If you do not like Pinterest however, you should know that this is a great way to lure more people to your Instagram and increase organic traffic to your posts!

Here we go with mini tutorial 😉

  • You have to copy a post’s link to share it, and you’ll do that by going on your post via computer and simply copy it. If you want to just take a link via Instagram, click (…) in a right corner of a post and select “Copy Link Share URL”.
  • Open Pinterest and go to a + sign to add a pin.
  • Copy link.
  • Select a picture and add text.
  • Voila! Add a pin to a board or make a new one for Instagram posts only. 🙂

Pro Tip: Pin your Instagram post to particular boards, to increase the number of repins and therefore increase the very traffic on your post. You can also add a location to make sure your post is seen in search. 😉

instagram trikovi

3. Embed Instagram posts to a website or blog

You can pin your posts on Pinterest, yes, but you can also embed your posts on a web page or a blog, and increase their visibility. This can make more people follow and like you, comment, plus it gives your very audience the opportunity to directly connect to your content.

Here we go with the mini tutorial 😉

If you want to add your whole Instagram feed on a blog or a website, there’s a special plugin for that (ask your programmer), but if your wish is to put a picture right into the text, everything there is to do is to copy URL address (explanation up above).

If you want to add a single picture, again, ask your programmer of find some instructions HERE.

P.S. This all works only if your Instagram posts are public. If it’s not, nobody can do it, not even you.

And here is our picture 😉

4. How to pre-design the appearance of your feed?

There are many applications that can help. Here, we’ll talk about one of them, that you can download for free. It’s called Preview. The alternatives are many (EX. Later, Un Um), but every one of them works pretty much the same.

Mini tutorial 😉

After you’ve downloaded it, pick photos from a gallery and then get them in particular order. Below, you can see one example of the make believe feed, but you should know that all the photos can easily be moved up and down. Also, you can edit or add filters if necessary. This app gives you the opportunity to pre-design a text, too. When your post goes on Publish – it goes with it.

This is just an illustration as you can see, you can also load your current feed, to see how it will all fit. 😉

instagram trikovi

5. Scheduling posts

As most of you already know, Instagram has not allowed any third party involvement. Only on Facebook you really can schedule posts, in advance or reverse.

However, apps such as Preview or Later – they can notify us when we want to put a post on Instagram.

Mini tutorial 😉

Select a pic on Preview, add text, and schedule post. When scheduled it will notify you to publish an Instagram post. Literally, you’ll have the alarm go about or get the message to do something (post on Instagram!) so you just have to click on that notification and it will do the magic, sort of tell.


6. How to create spacing on Instagram?

Did you notice, the tricks to creating a space in the description, no longer works? Instagram has removed the option which allows you to create spacing. Still, you can add a new line, but… without the extra space. However, there’s an alternative.

Mini tutorial 😉

  • Open Notes app on your phone
  • Write a description
  • For spacing, in a new line (return) add dash (-) or dots (…) to the desired length

7. How to center your Insta biography + create spacing?

If you ever wondered how some people manage to center their bio and make everything look top notch, you’re just about to find out. 🙂

How, you wonder? Easy squeezy! And here is the mini tutorial 😉

  • To center your bio as you want it to be, all you have to do is to copy this space between the pointers, but without them.


  • Enter your Instagram profile via computer (you can to it via cell or an app, but desktop version is way easier). Go to “Edit your Profile”
  • Do the spacing in each row, and voila! If they’re not perfect you can always add (or delete one) where needed.

It’s important to remember that for bio you have a limit of 160 characters, so centered layout may not be the best option for you. If the number of characters matches a center layout, just go for it!

If you just want to add a space between the lines, you have to type “Return” in your bio on a desktop version of Instagram because it’s not possible to on mobile. Option No. 2 is to write the bio in the Notes app on your phone, and then copy and paste it on Instagram.
IMG_8025We sure hope you liked our tricks and that you’ve learned something new today, which will help you to rule Instagram. By the way, this was jointly written by Jelena Rasic, an expert on social networks and Ana Gord, author of this phenomenal blog. If you liked the text, you can follow Jelena’s Instagram HERE, and mine HERE. Also, there’s a Facebook page, so like away to keep up, and of course, share and comment on how you liked our advice. 😉

JelenaHow to be a Queen of Instagram in 7 easy steps you’ve never heard of before

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